For all GIR knitwear, hand wash in cold water, avoiding bleach. Instead of tumble drying, lay flat to dry in the shade. If needed, use a cool iron. For professional dry cleaning, choose a solvent that does not contain trichloroethylene. Avoid unnecessary washes, and do not machine wash. Frequent washing or dry cleaning will damage the fibers and fade any bright colors.

If your piece contains cashmere, you can leave it out in open air to refresh. In the case of a stain, we reccomend washing by hand using cashmere soap or delicate shampoo. Remove excess water by rolling your cashmere inside of a towel and lightly squeezing out any remaining water. Air-dry flat between two soft towels away from direct sunlight. Steam iron to remove wrinkles and to reshape.

It's essential to store your cashmere folded to prevent stretching or misshaping. Cashmere contains keratin, which moths feed on. Store it with cedar balls or natural moth repellents like a lavender bag.

These steps will help preserve your knitwear's quality and appearance over time. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at